Adnams Southwold Bitter  3.7%

A classic cask bitter: originally called Adnams Best Bitter.

A beautiful copper-coloured beer, brewed with locally sourced Pale Ale malted barley and hopped with Fuggles hops.
Great with roast meats and fish cooked in batter, we use it in our braised beef dishes.

Adnams Broadside  4.7%

Brewed to commemorate the Battle of Sole Bay, fought against the Dutch Republic in 1672 off the coast of Southwold.

A dark, ruby red beer rich in fruitcake falvours, it has a wonderful balance of malt and hop flavours. Made with Pale Ale malt and First Gold hops which add orange marmalade flavours. It’s a great ingredient. Adnams use it in their mustards, chutney and marmalade. We recommend it with stews, steak, game, sausages and cheese boards.

Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5%

A bottled and draught beer inspired by one of Adnams’ most haunted pubs – the Walberswick Bell.

Brewed with a selection of malts – Pale Ale, Rye Crystal and Cara – and a blend of American hop varieties to create some great citrus flavours. Great with Thai and Indian food.

Spindrift 4.0%

A golden craft beer that takes its name from the spray which comes off breaking waves

Full of flavour with refreshing citrus taste and orange peel aromas. Brewed from a blend of East Anglian malted barley, Boadicea hops and high grade wheat. A good all rounder – great with any traditional or spicy based cuisines.

Here are some of our regular guest beers:

Adnams Explorer  4.3%

Inspired by a trip to America in search of New World Hops.

A light, refreshing and fruity beer brewed with Chinook and Columbus hops to create fuller flavours. Great with fish, summer salads, mild curries and vegetarian dishes.

Adnams Old Ale 4.1%

A traditional winter warmer; one of Adnams’ oldest recipes.

A mild ale-style beer brewed using East Anglian pale ale, Crystal malted barley and Boadicea hops. Great during the colder months with sausage and mash.

Adnams Oyster Stout 4.3%

Stout was enjoyed with oysters when they were part of our more common diet in 18th century taverns.

Based on a traditional porter and made from East Anglian pale ale, Crystal malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley and English Goldings hops. Not surprisingly, perfect with oysters and seafood.

Adnams Extra 4.3%

First brewed in 1990 and then brought back by popular demand in 2011.

A copper-coloured ale with hoppy, floral and herbal aromas. Brewed with Pale Ale, Crystal malts and Fuggle hops which are added at different stages in the brewing process. Great with herb crusted roast lamb.

Adnams May Day 5.0%

Brewed to mark the start of the British summer!

A seasonal, well balanced malty golden beer with a crisp bitterness leading to a satisfyingly clean finish and a hint of spice.
Brewed with East Anglian Pale Ale malt, malted wheat and English hops. Great with chicken.

Sole Star 2.7%

Named after the sun that rises over the Adnams Bay Brewery each morning.

A pale, amber ale with a light floral/citrus aroma brewed with Pale Ale, Crystal, Black and Munich malts and Chinook and Cascade hops. Great with salads and light fish dishes.

Mild 3.2%

After a sharp decline in sales, Mild has gained ground again over the last few years

Brewed with Pale Ale, Black and Amber malts, this is a very dark beer with some chocolate, coffee and dried fruit flavours. Great with meaty dishes such as braised pork belly or alongside a Sticky Toffee Pudding.